Pacific Beach

Tuesday Farmers' Market

Local. Fresh. Convenient.

Every Tuesday  |  3:00PM - 7:00PM

900 Hornblend St., San Diego, CA 92109

Farmer Vendors

Kawano Farm

R&L Farm

Maldonado Farm

Local Leaf

Heritage Farms

Hopkins AG

Mikolich Honey

Da Le Ranch

Smit Farms

JR Organics

Gilbert & Lee Qunitos

Hernandez Brothers

Non-Farmer Vendors


Mandala Touch

Gourmet Tamales

Bonjour Yogurt!

Baba Foods

Dry Dock Fish

CA Hot Sauce

Fromagerie & Cie

Masala Cottage

Green Fix


Jessie's Foliage

Kula Desserts


Wipeout Coffee

Tea Bazaar

Ruth's #5


Interested in becoming a vendor?

Fresh Vegetables

Market Rules Due to COVID-19

  • Stay home if you're sick. Send someone to shop for you.

  • Cover your face. You must wear a mask at all times while in the market.

  • No pets. Due to capacity limitations we do not have the space.

  • Maintain a 6-foot distancing in the market and in line from shoppers, vendors and staff.

  • Point and purchase. Do not touch produce and products. Tell your farmer what you would like to purchase.

  • NO CONSUMPTION OF FOOD OR BEVERAGE. Please do not consume goods on site, enjoy at home.

  • Use contactless payment when possible or exact change when paying with cash.

  • Wash your hands regularly. There are hand washing stations throughout the market for you to use.

  • Make a list so you can shop quickly and efficiently while minimizing your time away from home.

  • Shop and go home. We're glad to see you but head home so someone else can shop after you!

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Market Hours


900 Hornblend St.

San Diego CA, 92109

Every Tuesday

3:00PM - 6:00PM

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